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• “Edutains” the audience at conferences and events with actionable takeaways, energy, and humor as a session speaker, emcee, or leader of a cognitive energizer.

• Works one-on-one or with groups to identify blind spots and provide tools and resources to turn those gaps into opportunities to reach maximum potential.

• Personalizes content, delivery, and length of session to meet participants’ needs and have them walk away with clear actions to achieve their goals.




• Originates relevant and actionable human development content for her personal blog Perspectives-2020 and actively contributes to organizations including Training Industry, Inc.

• Customizes a developmental plan for individuals or teams through a needs assessment that gets to the core of the challenge and ensures results.

• Utilizes a blended approach of coaching and consulting during a client engagement based on the individual’s development needs.

"Shifting perspective allows us to continuously learn and grow"

"Connecting the audience with speakers and theme of the event creates synergy where everyone is actively engaged in the experience"



Speaker - Coach - Consultant

Alycia is an expert in Perspective Shifting. She is widely recognized for her experience coaching teams and leaders, at every level, to partner in positive change. Through her work as a consultant and trainer, she leads organizations through transformational growth with hands-on development that satisfy a well-defined need. Alycia is called upon to speak on the science of shifting your perspective - whether you are a senior executive or brand-new hire. From climbing an active volcano on a tiny island in Indonesia to rubbing elbows with celebrity thought leaders, Alycia's unique experiences and insight guide others to new and powerful perspectives that encourage human development. Alycia lives in Dallas and currently serves as a Talent Development Partner for a Fortune 500 electronics company.

TOPICS I Speak & coach about,

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• Stuck in a rut without creative energy and innovative ideas at work? A lack of innovation means falling behind your competitors in the marketplace, but you can’t solve challenges with the same mindset used to create them. Implement strategies to reframe your mindset into a more productive point of view.

• Losing talent or people not playing to their strengths? When people aren’t engaged or challenged it costs the organization 34% of the disengaged employee’s annual salary. Engage and retain talent by creating a psychologically safe environment that’s conducive to development and learning.

• We all bring our human-ness to the workplace, the good, bad, and ugly. Unfortunately, we cannot control the behaviors of others but we can control our responses to them (even in the most difficult scenarios). Learn tactics to shift perspective in human interactions to improve communication, connect with people, and build trust and credibility.


• Sleep walking through the work day, but feeling trapped in your circumstances? Lacking motivation in your job can eventually lead to physical and mental health issues. Uncover an alternative point of view to reveal your blind spots, get out of your own way, and unleash potential to be the best version of yourself.

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You cannot solve problems with the same mindset you use to create it.

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